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  • Author: Alex London
  • Series: Proxy #2
  • Release Date: May 29, 2014
  • Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy, LGBT
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edition: US
  • Number of Pages: 352
  • Price: Php. 720.00


The pulse-pounding sequel to Proxy! Inspired by The Whipping Boy and Feed, this adrenaline-fueled thriller will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent.

In the new world led by the Rebooters, former Proxy Syd is the figurehead of the Revolution, beloved by some and hated by others. Liam, a seventeen-year-old Rebooter, is Syd’s bodyguard and must protect him with his life. But armed Machinists aren’t the only danger.

People are falling ill—their veins show through their skin, they find it hard to speak, and sores erupt all over their bodies. Guardians, the violent enforcers of the old system, are hit first, and the government does nothing to help. The old elites fall next, and in the face of an indifferent government, Syd decides it’s up to him to find a cure . . . and what he discovers leaves him stunned.

This heart-stopping thriller is packed with action, adventure, and heroics. Guardian will leave you breathless until the final page.

A fast-paced, thrill-ride of novel full of non-stop action, heart-hammering suspense and true friendship—just as moving as it is exhilarating. Fans of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider series, James Dashner’s Maze Runner, Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking series, and Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy will be swept away by this story.

Third Sentence:

‘They’re human,’ some argued.

Thoughts About The Cover:

For all the cover changes in the publishing history, I am completely disappointed with this one. I love the cover of Proxy, I find it very intriguing, but with this one, none. I don’t have any idea at all or what the book is trying to say. Though, there is a matching cover for this one that is used on the novel’s ARCs, and the author itself has the only matching cover. I don’t know why they changed the cover. The OC part of me is very frustrated with this.

My Review: 

Warning: This will be a very spoilery review, it’s very difficult to discuss Guardian without spoiling Proxy. So if you haven’t read Proxy, go grab a copy now and come back in here so that we can discuss Guardian. You can read my review of Proxy here.

I’m a bit apprehensive with starting Guardian because Proxy is so good that Alex London became my instant favourite author. I wonder if Guardian will be a more exciting story than Proxy (without Knox, *sighs heavily*). If Proxy left me writhing in pain, Guardian left me lost and dazed. Proxy left us with Knox’s sacrificing himself instead of Syd to free the people from debts and creating a brand new world. With that said, Syd became the symbol of hope to his people, a person to look up to, the Yovel.

Guardian is set-up six months after the end of Proxy with Syd having a shadow trailing behind him, his own personal bodyguard, Liam. I still can’t believe that Knox is dead (and still continues to believe that he will be alive somehow,). Guardian will never be the same as Proxy, since one of the best things that I’ve love about the first book is Knox, (and everything about him). With him gone, Syd mopes around the first half of the book (I can’t blame him though, I grieve too,) and finds a way to escape Liam and the Reconciliation (the new name of the Rebooters). Liam is some sort of replacement for the lost character of Knox, though Liam is not technically new, since he was partially introduced at the end of Proxy.

Sarcastic words hide lazy minds (p.17)

The now-so-called Reconciliation banned all kinds of technology of the prior system. As Knox destroyed the old system in Proxy, it erased all the data, not just those data that recorded debts and the foundation of the proxy system but also the basic biodata employed with the citizens of the Mountain City, including those in the Valve. Since Guardians as introduced in Proxy as those human-but-not-so-human-that-look-like-robocops contains too much data in their system, they’ve become too vulnerable with the collapse of the prior system. It destroyed their whole sense of living. With no system to instruct them, they’ve lost their senses and now called as Non-operatives entities or “nopes” for short. Nopes become some sort of zombies that wander around the Jungle City (Old Detroit) since the Mountain City was evacuated. The Nopes lost their beauty and now replaced by black-veined skin. The blood of the Guardian turns to black and causes a burning and itching sensation which most of the time causes their death. The Guardian wanders around scratching their skin (that with too much scratching, they peel off their own skin) which causes terror around the Jungle City, though they don’t do much. That’s where the Purifiers comes into the scene. Purifiers acts as the new Guardians of the newly established society. What they do is basically kill the Nopes and burn their remains. Most of the Purifiers are former Proxies, taking their revenge to those helpless Guardians. Marie Alvarez is one of the Purifiers. This provides conflict with Syd, Liam and Marie, since Syd have different views with the way they kill the Nopes. They kill them instead of finding a cure, since killing is more efficient. Syd believe that killing them, even though the Guardians had caused him too much pain in his prior life, is inhumane but the Council insists that the Nopes are not human anymore.

Even an organization dedicated to equality would find a way to privilege an elite few (p. 158)

The new system is as worse as the old one. They surrender their rations instead of forgiving them. The Reconciliation is very ruthless and inconsistent. It’s very contrary to what Knox had wanted Syd to have. It’s not a life but a job. It’s not freedom but restrictions. It’s not hope but a lie. The Reconciliation is fake government, it didn’t have the foundation of freedom that it says to its people but it’s based on pure revenge. Corruption is what lies in the veins of the officials, including Baram.

I find Syd irritating in the first part of the book, he’s so stubborn and seems just acts to offend the Reconciliation. Though, Liam brought the fun side of this book because his feelings towards Syd and he’s such a romantic. Liam somehow replaced the hole that Knox left with his departure, and I’m glad that he did. Marie, on the other hand is such a wonderful character, she’s so grown-up and so smart. She knows how to set aside her emotions and focus on what she wants to achieve. She provides the character that we need to look-up to. I’m glad that Marie did live and guided Syd on the road of being the “true” Yovel.

I still love the pacing of the book here and the consistency of it. How London manages to explain me things without taking too much pages. I find myself not thinking about theories since this series has the habit of making you think about a theory but quickly answers that in the next few pages (I find it really awesome). What I miss about this book (compared to Proxy) is it’s good lines, since Proxy has tons. It’s very rare that characters of a book remains with me, that Knox, Syd, Liam and Marie still talks with me without Alex London making them to do so. I find Guardian living up with my expectations of a sequel, just like my copy of Proxy, this book will be shelved at the top, a crowning glory of my books. An achievement of a reader.


I’m still hoping for a third book since Guardian left many questions unanswered, nevertheless, I find this book a really good read, entertaining, informational and inspirational. I still regret that I haven’t got my book signed by Alex. 😥

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars