Okay guys, we’re now on Day 3 of this Taylor Swift Book Tag! The previous songs that are featured on this 12-day book tag are We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Red. As I’ve mentioned yesterday, today’s song will be The Best Day.

Track 3: The Best Day

(pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic)


The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

Back-off haters! Twilight is my choice for nostalgia, it reminds me of the days that I was so engrossed with a book. Barely eating, barely sleeping. I’m fine with you judging me, any road I love this book and you can’t take that away. Many would think that this series is not worth your time. But then, I will now ask you this: Have read the entire series? or you just had watched the movies? I hope you’re not one of those skive buggers who hate a book based on its movie. Though, I reckon that the movie fared well.

I first started reading book when I was on intermediate years, or what I call Harry Potter years. Harry Potter would be my other choice, but Twilight clings more to me. I remember the days that I will wake-up as early as four in the morning and sleep as late as midnight just so that I can finish the series. Twilight, as you have known made tons of money out of its movie adaptations, but then this book also suffered a lot. Twilight is not really a J.K.-Rowling-Standard-Book, but tis’ not that really bad, that it sucks. I was gobsmacked on how this series changed my life, on how it made me into a avid reader. I owe Twilight that.

After the last Twilight movie hit the screen, many YA books are turned into one, but then do Stephenie Meyer gets a credit for every book that turned into movie since her book started this demand on YA? None. Β I just feel so bad for Steph. Don’t judge the book if had not read it.

Bob’s your uncle guys, I will be back tomorrow for Track 4.

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