Blimey! We’re now on Day 4 of this Taylor Swift Book Tag. Ola! Swifties, the previous songs that we’ve featured on these daily posts are: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Red and yesterday’s The Best Day. Click them to check them out. The song for today reminds me of my High School days, and I think this is the most popular song of Ms. Swift. Oh well, I love this song for years and almost lost the plot singing. Furthermore, the music video was hell good! It looks very nice on the telly. Okay, so much for the drama, today’s song would be…….*drum rolls*

Track 4: Love Story

(pick a book with forbidden love)


Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Yes, you read it right, I’ve choseΒ Vampire Academy above all for the forbidden love category. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is one of the best vampire novels that I had read. It’s very unique and very entertaining. It is a page-turner book for me, and the series intensifies as it progress. There are no down moments and the characters are easy to relate to. Pacing, Oh holy guacamole, I love the pacing here, it’s very consistent.

It’s hard to explain my I chose this book without stating some spoilers. Forbidden love that is used on this book is so complicated on many levels. It’s not just romantic love, but also a friendly love. How much pain will you take for a friend? How many things are you willing to sacrifice for your friend? Those are the questions that the series are trying to answer. I hope, that you my friend will read this. It’s worth every pound. And very emotional book too. Perfect for those days. Thanks for reading but now I’m off to my bedfordshire!

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