Bad Kanye! Bad Kanye! Who wouldn’t forget when Kanye ruined Taylor’s speech at 2009 VMAs? (I think, that’s 2009) That was really pretty bad and embarrassing for Swift’s side. Oh, well. I believe that Kanye suffered a lot after that scene he had made. Serves him right. Moving on, today’s song would be Innocent!

Track 6: Innocent
(pick a book that someone ruined the ending for)


Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

It was December, lights are flickering from the window of Law 1 classroom as Christmas day approaches. Lawrence, an ordinary reader and new to adult category book was fanboying over Fifty Shades of Grey. His face was an expression of utmost joy and feels, his lips always curls into a smile every time he hears anything about Fifty Shades. It was the best book ever for him, his eyes a luminous colour shade of brown mirrors his emotions when he reads. He squirms on his seat when he can’t express his feelings, his hands flailing, his fists pounding. It was the best day ever.

Until, it came the day called “Spoiled”. Lawrence, as friendly as he is, was talking to his friends. He shares his thoughts about the first book, his emotions are pouring, his feet stomping with utter excitement. But it was not written for him to have a happy ending, he is fated to be spoiled. So the spoiling day came, a spoiler was released by his friend about the third book. Lawrence couldn’t run away. It hit him directly. It him straight to the heart and shattered his body. All was left was pieces of his body but that was not the end of it. Another spoiler was released, the pieces that was once Lawrence was turned into ashes. It was all that was left of him. There is no Lawrence any more. And again, it was a cold December night, a cold wind was blewing sending off the ashes of was once Lawrence onto the thin air. There was no Lawrence and he was gone with the wind.

Okay, I’m not talking about spoilers any more, not ever again. It’s over okay? Damned those spoilers. Damnation! T_T

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