Blimey! We’re now half-way done on this Taylor Swift Book Tag. Day 7 as it is, it’s time to talk about a character developments. Are there any characters that you love at first then come to hate at the end of the book or series? Or a character you hate but then you found he or she is your cup of tea? Tonight we will talk about that changes here and what made me love that character at the end. (yes, love). Go grab your tea and clink it with mine as we start this tag feature!

TrackΒ 7: Everything Has Changed
(pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development)

Shatter me new eye co#1A459

Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi

The sun was blazing on a summer afternoon. Paperworks are strewn all over the boy’s desk. His thick glasses askew on his hair and his fingers thrums the table. Beads of sweat are forming on the boy’s forehead since it was very hot summer day. Pulling out his hanky, the boy wiped-off the sweat, folding his grey jumper on his elbows. But the sweat is not from the weather. The boy knew it and he was fine with it. He even insisted on it. Suddenly, an e-mail popped on his computer, waking him up from his day dreaming and making him drop the book he was holding. It was all about the book and its hotness-overload character that he loves and hate. Ignoring the sound of another e-mail, the boy continued on with his book, smiling like a skive and floating on the cloud of feels. He was so in love with the book and a character named Warner. He love it, everything around him vanishes when Warner is in the scene. Everything seems surreal. It was one happy day. Another ping of an e-mail sounded. The boy ignored it.

“Lawrence!” a shout or a call was heard from the end of the office. The boy was nervous. He was scared that he will be scolded. It wake him up from his reverie, and immediately putted down his book and started checking the e-mails. The mails are the usual disbursement transactions but then he is still nervous. The boy feels he neglected his duties because of reading. Cold sweat are forming on his forehead as his boss, the one who called his name earlier strides towards him. The boy rapidly typed replies to those three mails, making a lot of typographical errors since his hands are shaking with nervousness and guilt. His boss stopped on his desk, looked him straight to the eye and said,

“Tara, Starbucks.” (Let’s go to Starbucks)

The boy sighed heavily and stand-up from his chair. He picked up his book and say to himself, “it’s one happy day”

Okay, that’s one of my experience during my internship last Summer and my current read during that time was Shatter Me Trilogy. Okay, let’s talk about Warner. Well, who wouldn’t love Warner! So far, Warner is the best character I’ve read so far that undergone a very extensive character development. For those who had already read the entire series including Unite Me, well I bet my hat you will agree with me. Warner started off very cheeky and annoying, he is so obsessed with Juliette (though I love the fact the he calls Juliette, love) but then we saw him grow into a more important character. We’ve learned why he acts that way, why he is so ruthless and strict towards Juliette. We saw him cry and love, stand and fall, and lastly we saw the real Warner. I couldn’t put exactly my emotions into words explaining how deep I love this character. It’s like eating a Cornetto, you have to reached the end, the tip of the cone to reach the real treasure. For me, Shatter Me is a recommend, a force read even. It’s great and it’s great. (I really need to say that twice.)

Bob’s your uncle guys! See you again tomorrow for the next song and if you are curious, you may want to check the rest of this daily book tag here.) Again, this is Lawrence of Pages Unraveled still gobsmacked with Warner.

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