Day 11!!! Who would have thought that we will reach this far! Only one day left till we wrap-up this tag. It’s pretty exhausting to blog daily after school. So much for introduction and before I find myself crying (hahaha!), here’s our second to the last tag:

Track 11: Teardrops On My Guitar
(pick a book that made you cry a lot)


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

There’s no pretending. This book cried me a book river. I will not dwell into details since I don’t wanna spoil you, and I salute you if you’re unspoiled by the ending of this series. For those who read it already, let me tell you a story,

There was once a boy named Lawrence , an ordinary guy with a thick glasses and brown hair. He is sitting in car with his cousins, oblivious with his surroundings as he is reading a much-awaited conclusion to the best-selling dystopia trilogy. The book so-thick that he had to read it with both hands, Lawrence is slumped on his seat. He is so tired from travelling and with the events last week which made the boy so sad and depressed all the time. The boy was forced to change path last week, not from failing but from maintain a required number. He cried a lot already last week, his face paints all the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary all at once. He’s like a walking bomb, one more tick and he will explode into the oblivion, leaving no one unharmed.

And that time might be now. Lawrence, known by his friends as a fast reader is now nearing the last few chapters of the book. He is putting much attention to the book. He knows what will happen and he knows that his predictions will be realized. There is a reason for two point of views of this book. There is and he knows it. Part of him demands that death. Part of him wishes. He is prepared.

And yet he is not. The boy cried out of the silence, making his cousins stare at him in utter confusion. Silent tears streams on his cheeks like they will never end, few drops are splattered on the pages of the book. Even the OC part of him couldn’t care less. He is crying like a mad man. The crying must stop, the boy thought to himself. But even if he wills it to stop, it just wouldn’t. He continues to flip the pages until he reaches the end. He hug the book so hard and cried hard like he never cried before.

I’m so lucky that I’ve got the book few days after its release and thanks heavens that I was not spoiled. I knew that someone was gonna die since there would be no reason for Miss Roth to write POVs. I think that the death of that character wraps the story nicely. I like it and I gave it a five star for that. I love happy endings but I know, in this story, sad ending is much more appropriate. I think, the death creates the true meaning of selflessness, which the book focuses on.

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