Hi there! This is Lawrence Carlo of Pages Unraveled and this is the last day of our 12-day long Taylor Swift themed book tag. I would like to express my gratitude to you my reader for reaching this far. Yes, you’ve made up to day 12. Tomorrow, I will compile all of the tags into one, though I’m gonna leave my introductions behind. I’m glad that you’ve reached this point and I hope you will continue to read my blog. So before I shed some tears, here’s our last tag for this series.

Track 12: Shake It Off
(pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters)


Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James

Love me or hate me, but Fifty Shades will be my choice. Go home haters! Some people will think that I’m a pervert or delusional for choosing this but I love this series to the moon and back. Yes it’s erotica, but I’m here for the romance and humour. I find this book really romantic and funny sometimes. Just so you know, this is not my first erotica novel, so it’s not a first love. Fifty Shades is highly judged by people. Not just the book but also it’s readers. And being the nerd me, I braved myself to buy a physical copy of this book last year. I even read this book publicly.

I dunno what spell this series had putted on me that I’ve managed to read this so many times that I’ve lost the count. Though, I think it’s above ten. Hahahaha! And even with that, I still find romantic scenes “romantic”. I doesn’t lost its spark. Somehow, this book is my stress reliever. I read this book when I’m feeling down or depressed. Or during the times I need to uplift myself especially after school hours. Which is frequent.

I know that this book is not very good in terms of its writing style, since it’s very detailed or its plot but I believe that people should not be afraid to shift genres or try this one. I think people will find the email thing in here really cute and the way Anna handles Christian. This is recommend for me. πŸ˜€

So, that’s it! Tomorrow, I will compile all of this into one and I hope you enjoyed our little adventure. Again, this is Lawrence of Pages Unraveled, officially closing this Taylor Swift Book Tag.

Laters, baby. XOXO

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