Dum. dum. dum. dum……Dum. dum. dum. dum……Hey people! It’s me again, Lawrence! And welcome to my Taylor Swift Book Tag. I’m gobsmacked with Taylor Swift’s songs for a while now (I dunno why). Coincidentally, I found a booktube video of this tag and I immediately want my own version. There you go, and I hope you will finish reading this blog post. I omitted spoilers as much as I can so I can say it’s safe to read this.

(Note: This a compiled version of the daily posts that you can view on my home page, I omitted my introductions for you convenience)

Track 1: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

(pick a book or series that you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with)


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Yes, you! I’m so in love with Hunger Games, swooning with Catching Fire, but then came you. I’m officially breaking up with you Katniss. We’re over. There’s no forever for us.

The Hunger Games Trilogy is like a roller coaster and sadly, Mockingjay is the let down. I feel that some scenes are so corny, (can’t find the right word) especially those scenes that they were shooting propos. It feels so unnatural considering that the trilogy is action-packed. While I’m reading the book I feel that Katniss turned to actress and that they we’re shooting some commercial. Moreover, the ending feels so incomplete. It’s like, “okay we’re done it with. Let’s just end it without making too much sense.”. I feel like that Collins just wanted the book to be over.

Track 2. Red

(pick a book with a RED cover)


Proxy by Alex London

How pretty this glossy cover is? Yes, it’s glossy in its hardback edition.(What the hell are the publishers are thinking for changing this pretty cover to a dull one?) Proxy is not so red one but since I’m so in love with this series (and with author itself, *marry me Alex, you write so good*) I chose this one over The Casual Vacancy and Catching Fire which are my other options.

Proxy is a dystopian series about a guy named Sydney Carton (yeah, just like in The Tale of Two Cities) that serves as a proxy for a patron guy named Knox. A proxy serves a some sort of a whipping boy every time the patron commits offences. Together, Syd and Knox will try to change the world of debts and obligations. For me, this is better than Hunger Games andDivergent combined. I’ve written a review for this book, as well as its sequel, entitled Guardian. (Click the links on the titles to redirect you to their corresponding book reviews) I’ve rated them high, with Guardian at 4.9 stars out of 5. I consider it a must read. (yeah, from what planet are you? Are you even human for not reading this?). It’s obvious that I’ve love this book too much, later this week I will write a blog post compiling the good lines from both books (there are tons, I mean tons!). I’ve even bought a signed copy of this book, even though I already have the hardback edition. That’s all for this tag, go home now and read Proxy. 

Track 3: The Best Day

(pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic)


The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

Back-off haters! Twilight is my choice for nostalgia, it reminds me of the days that I was so engrossed with a book. Barely eating, barely sleeping. I’m fine with you judging me, any road I love this book and you can’t take that away. Many would think that this series is not worth your time. But then, I will now ask you this: Have read the entire series? or you just had watched the movies? I hope you’re not one of those skive buggers who hate a book based on its movie. Though, I reckon that the movie fared well.

I first started reading book when I was on intermediate years, or what I callHarry Potter years. Harry Potter would be my other choice, but Twilightclings more to me. I remember the days that I will wake-up as early as four in the morning and sleep as late as midnight just so that I can finish the series. Twilight, as you have known made tons of money out of its movie adaptations, but then this book also suffered a lot. Twilight is not really a J.K.-Rowling-Standard-Book, but tis’ not that really bad, that it sucks. I was gobsmacked on how this series changed my life, on how it made me into a avid reader. I owe Twilight that.

After the last Twilight movie hit the screen, many YA books are turned into one, but then do Stephenie Meyer gets a credit for every book that turned into movie since her book started this demand on YA? None.  I just feel so bad for Steph. Don’t judge the book if had not read it.

Track 4: Love Story

(pick a book with forbidden love)


Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Yes, you read it right, I’ve chose Vampire Academy above all for the forbidden love category. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead is one of the best vampire novels that I had read. It’s very unique and very entertaining. It is a page-turner book for me, and the series intensifies as it progress. There are no down moments and the characters are easy to relate to. Pacing, Oh holy guacamole, I love the pacing here, it’s very consistent.

It’s hard to explain my I chose this book without stating some spoilers. Forbidden love that is used on this book is so complicated on many levels. It’s not just romantic love, but also a friendly love. How much pain will you take for a friend? How many things are you willing to sacrifice for your friend?Those are the questions that the series are trying to answer. I hope, that you my friend will read this. It’s worth every pound. And very emotional book too. Perfect for those days.

Track 5: I Knew You Were Trouble

(pick a book with a bad character you couldn’t help but love)


City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Okay guys, don’t judge me, but I love Sebastian Verlac (Jonathan Morgenstern). He’s the main antagonist of the second trilogy of The Mortal Instruments Series. (oh, fandom of my life). Well, for those who had already read the series, or at least up to City of Lost Souls, Cassie provided us a look into Sebastian’s life. Which is really interesting. A small part of me wants to ship Clary and Sebastian. (Sorry Jace, but that would be hotter than heavenly fire.)

Well, I find Sebastian really cool and I think he made a one-of-a-hell good character in the book. Most readers really hate him because of Maxwell (I kinda too,) but then I love him when he tries to convince Clary to join him, like he wants her to his queen. I love it, that he is so protective and obsessive about Clary. And finally, who would not love him (and cried for him) when he showed a glimpse of Jonathan to Clary? Who?!!! I cried a book river on that scene.

Track 6: Innocent
(pick a book that someone ruined the ending for)


Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

It was December, lights are flickering from the window of Law 1 classroom as Christmas day approaches. Lawrence, an ordinary reader and new to adult category book was fanboying over Fifty Shades of Grey. His face was an expression of utmost joy and feels, his lips always curls into a smile every time he hears anything about Fifty Shades. It was the best book ever for him, his eyes a luminous colour shade of brown mirrors his emotions when he reads. He squirms on his seat when he can’t express his feelings, his hands flailing, his fists pounding. It was the best day ever.

Until, it came the day called “Spoiled”. Lawrence, as friendly as he is, was talking to his friends. He shares his thoughts about the first book, his emotions are pouring, his feet stomping with utter excitement. But it was not written for him to have a happy ending, he is fated to be spoiled. So the spoiling day came, a spoiler was released by his friend about the third book. Lawrence couldn’t run away. It hit him directly. It him straight to the heart and shattered his body. All was left was pieces of his body but that was not the end of it. Another spoiler was released, the pieces that was once Lawrence was turned into ashes. It was all that was left of him. There is no Lawrence any more. And again, it was a cold December night, a cold wind was blewing sending off the ashes of was once Lawrence onto the thin air. There was no Lawrence and he was gone with the wind.

Okay, I’m not talking about spoilers any more, not ever again. It’s over okay? Damned those spoilers. Damnation! T_T

Track 7: Everything Has Changed
(pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development)

Shatter me new eye co#1A459

Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi

The sun was blazing on a summer afternoon. Paperworks are strewn all over the boy’s desk. His thick glasses askew on his hair and his fingers thrums the table. Beads of sweat are forming on the boy’s forehead since it was very hot summer day. Pulling out his hanky, the boy wiped-off the sweat, folding his grey jumper on his elbows. But the sweat is not from the weather. The boy knew it and he was fine with it. He even insisted on it. Suddenly, an e-mail popped on his computer, waking him up from his day dreaming and making him drop the book he was holding. It was all about the book and its hotness-overload character that he loves and hate. Ignoring the sound of another e-mail, the boy continued on with his book, smiling like a skive and floating on the cloud of feels. He was so in love with the book and a character named Warner. He love it, everything around him vanishes when Warner is in the scene. Everything seems surreal. It was one happy day. Another ping of an e-mail sounded. The boy ignored it.

“Lawrence!” a shout or a call was heard from the end of the office. The boy was nervous. He was scared that he will be scolded. It wake him up from his reverie, and immediately putted down his book and started checking the e-mails. The mails are the usual disbursement transactions but then he is still nervous. The boy feels he neglected his duties because of reading. Cold sweat are forming on his forehead as his boss, the one who called his name earlier strides towards him. The boy rapidly typed replies to those three mails, making a lot of typographical errors since his hands are shaking with nervousness and guilt. His boss stopped on his desk, looked him straight to the eye and said,

“Tara, Starbucks.” (Let’s go to Starbucks)

The boy sighed heavily and stand-up from his chair. He picked up his book and say to himself, “it’s one happy day”

Okay, that’s one of my experience during my internship last Summer and my current read during that time was Shatter Me Trilogy. Okay, let’s talk about Warner. Well, who wouldn’t love Warner! So far, Warner is the best character I’ve read so far that undergone a very extensive character development. For those who had already read the entire series includingUnite Me, well I bet my hat you will agree with me. Warner started off very cheeky and annoying, he is so obsessed with Juliette (though I love the fact the he calls Juliette, love) but then we saw him grow into a more important character. We’ve learned why he acts that way, why he is so ruthless and strict towards Juliette. We saw him cry and love, stand and fall, and lastly we saw the real Warner. I couldn’t put exactly my emotions into words explaining how deep I love this character. It’s like eating a Cornetto, you have to reached the end, the tip of the cone to reach the real treasure. For me, Shatter Me is a recommend, a force read even. It’s great and it’s great. (I really need to say that twice.)

Track 8: You Belong With Me

(pick your most anticipated book release)


The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare,

Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson

I need this now. As in, at this moment! Oh, wait no! I actually need this book yesterday, or the day before that and before that and before that. Ugh, you may call me stupid, (and that is fine) since this book is already published in ebook formats, and yet I haven’t read any of it. I’m not really comfortable with that format, so when Cassie announced that there will be a compilation, I decided to wait for it. Physical copies are always better, you can feel the texture of the book, the smoothness of the jacket and the sense of ownership.

I love everything about Magnus Bane, yes everything! I love the colour palette of this book, (kinda bias because it is blue). This book is a compilation of ten stories about the life of the ever glamorous Magnus Bane, our beloved High Warlock of Brooklyn. It will be a nice companion to the two series that are in print and will provide further understanding about the Shadow World. The book is slated for November 11, 2014 release.

Track 9: Forever and Always
(pick your favorite book couple)


The Infernal Devices Trilogy by Cassandra Clare

Will, Tessa and Jem will be always be my favourite book couple. Yes, you’ve read it right, Will, Tessa and Jem. This will not be a couple if one is missing. That’s what Cassie have given us. A perfect love triangle. Break one side, all sides will fall over. I can’t imagine Will without Jem or Tessa without the boys. It’s just that they really have to be three in the circle for me to call them a couple.

This couple is a couple of pain. It’s hard to let go of one of them. It just breaks me. Jem is the angel of Will, while Will serves as the guiding light of Jem. Tessa is heroine of Will, and the music of Jem. Neither of them will be happy of one will let go of the triangle. Everyone is a vital part to this triangle, everyone is important and if one dies, everyone will live their lives in misery. Furthermore, I love that these characters are not jealous of one another, they know their boundaries and limits. If you say there is only one true love, this series will prove you wrong, because Tessa had found two. Two boys who love each other more than they love themselves.

The Infernal Devices is a must-read.

Track 10: Come Back, Be Here
(pick the book you would least like to lend out, for fear of missing it too much)


The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith [J.K. Rowling]

NOTE: All of my books are precious and for my own use only. I rarely let anyone borrow my book. If you are one, consider yourself lucky because you have my full confidence and trust that you will not tear pages, dog-eared it, (do I have to give you also a book mark? Like, seriously?) will not leave food stains, make-up marks, pen marks, pencil marks, distort, destroy, burn and even chew the pages off. All my books are my babies and I’m not sending them off to a stranger’s house for a week or so. Call me selfish if you want, but letting you borrow my book is like letting you use my toothbrush. It’s a gross invasion to privacy!

Yes, you may think that I’m overreacting but my books are my treasures. I don’t want to see creases on their spines, folded pages, or torn dust jackets. I’m spending thousand of quids on these books and considering them as an investment. Many would have said that I’m trying to build a library. Yes, that would be so true but this library I’m building is for my use only. I’m not building a foundation in here. I want my books in pristine condition and I’ve worked on that for years. Yes, I know that books are meant for sharing, but hello? There are a lot of ebooks available in the so-called internet. Google it, friend, or do you need me to provide you a copy?

In this feature tag, I’ve choose to feature The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith since I’ve waited for my copy for about a year. My copy was given by my cousin based in the USA since hardcover copies of this book in the Philippines is not available. Apparently, the UK editions of this book is really hard to find, and Fully Booked declined my request for special ordering this book, since this cover/editions in hardcover is very rare. So for this book, hand-off people!

I’ve gained enough experience on loaning out my books for me to set limit on them. Usually, I let my friends borrow my books if I know that they will treat them well and usually those people that I allow are those people who takes care of their books in the same manner as I do. I dunno what comes to the minds of those borrowers who treats loaned books like they own it. It’s very wonky, my friend. Like seriously, it’s not yours to make my book a coaster or a place mat for your pizza. Furthermore, I hate reminding people to return my books. Do you really want me to give you a bell? It’s like they are waiting for me to forget it so that they will consider it as a give away. I’m not a rich kid or a toff to do that, I sacrificed a lot of things to get that book, okay? Okay.

Track 11: Teardrops On My Guitar
(pick a book that made you cry a lot)


Allegiant by Veronica Roth

There’s no pretending. This book cried me a book river. I will not dwell into details since I don’t wanna spoil you, and I salute you if you’re unspoiled by the ending of this series. For those who read it already, let me tell you a story,

There was once a boy named Lawrence , an ordinary guy with a thick glasses and brown hair. He is sitting in car with his cousins, oblivious with his surroundings as he is reading a much-awaited conclusion to the best-selling dystopia trilogy. The book so-thick that he had to read it with both hands, Lawrence is slumped on his seat. He is so tired from travelling and with the events last week which made the boy so sad and depressed all the time. The boy was forced to change path last week, not from failing but from maintain a required number. He cried a lot already last week, his face paints all the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary all at once. He’s like a walking bomb, one more tick and he will explode into the oblivion, leaving no one unharmed.

And that time might be now. Lawrence, known by his friends as a fast reader is now nearing the last few chapters of the book. He is putting much attention to the book. He knows what will happen and he knows that his predictions will be realized. There is a reason for two point of views of this book. There is and he knows it. Part of him demands that death. Part of him wishes. He is prepared.

And yet he is not. The boy cried out of the silence, making his cousins stare at him in utter confusion. Silent tears streams on his cheeks like they will never end, few drops are splattered on the pages of the book. Even the OC part of him couldn’t care less. He is crying like a mad man. The crying must stop, the boy thought to himself. But even if he wills it to stop, it just wouldn’t. He continues to flip the pages until he reaches the end. He hug the book so hard and cried hard like he never cried before.

I’m so lucky that I’ve got the book few days after its release and thanks heavens that I was not spoiled. I knew that someone was gonna die since there would be no reason for Miss Roth to write POVs. I think that the death of that character wraps the story nicely. I like it and I gave it a five star for that. I love happy endings but I know, in this story, sad ending is much more appropriate. I think, the death creates the true meaning of selflessness, which the book focuses on.

Track 12: Shake It Off
(pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters)


Fifty Shades Trilogy by E.L. James

Love me or hate me, but Fifty Shades will be my choice. Go home haters! Some people will think that I’m a pervert or delusional for choosing this but I love this series to the moon and back. Yes it’s erotica, but I’m here for the romance and humour. I find this book really romantic and funny sometimes. Just so you know, this is not my first erotica novel, so it’s not a first love. Fifty Shades is highly judged by people. Not just the book but also it’s readers. And being the nerd me, I braved myself to buy a physical copy of this book last year. I even read this book publicly.

I dunno what spell this series had putted on me that I’ve managed to read this so many times that I’ve lost the count. Though, I think it’s above ten. Hahahaha! And even with that, I still find romantic scenes “romantic”. I doesn’t lost its spark. Somehow, this book is my stress reliever. I read this book when I’m feeling down or depressed. Or during the times I need to uplift myself especially after school hours. Which is frequent.

I know that this book is not very good in terms of its writing style, since it’s very detailed or its plot but I believe that people should not be afraid to shift genres or try this one. I think people will find the email thing in here really cute and the way Anna handles Christian. This is recommend for me.😀

Bob’s your uncle, guys! Thank you for reading (and I hope you’ve finished this one-of-a-hell long post) and see you when I see you!

Laters, baby. XOXO

–Lawrence, Pages Unraveled