So Lawrence, do you like a drink while reading?

Not at all times, sometimes it depends on the book I’m reading. Or just when I’m bored with book or just taking breaks.

tea 2

What are those genres that you like a drink while reading?

Usually, dystopian novels and adult category novels. Those books normally contains heavy stuffs, so I need something to calm down my system. Though, I rarely hold a cup while also holding a book on my other hand. I’m kinda perfectionist, so I want my books in pristine condition and I don’t want to see them wet and leaking.

tea 3

What do you prefer coffee or tea or other stuffs?

Amongst all the options, I choose tea. It’s just so good and better for my body, so tea it is. I also like them served hot and not iced or chilled. If tea is not available in our house, then I will settle for water. I rarely drink coffee, it makes me anxious at late night so I avoid having one. Normally, I just drink coffee when it’s frappe or lattes.

tea 1

Do you have a specific tea in mind?

Actually, my favourites are black teas (English Breakfast, Earl Grey) since those teas like chamomile and the like makes me dizzy. I prefer Twinings. If I’m in the mood, I usually drink 2-3 cups a day.

tea blood


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