Okay, here’s a weekly feature or recap as you might say for this week’s Bookstagram

After my lent feed divider, I decided to halt on posting for a few days and post three photos at once this Valentine’s day. Each photo features a tarot card and the book they appeared in. My choices are pretty obvious but shows different kinds of love as we had read in the Shadowhunter Chronicles. So with anymore interruptions, here they go:

First up is Helen Blackthorn and Aline Penhallow,


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Aline Penhallow and Helen Blackthorn ❤

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Well, it’s bold move for Cassie, but I like the way Aline and Helen are paired. They bring a splash of new colour to the strict world of the City of Glass. I yearn to learn more about this pair in Lady Midnight.


Taking the centre spot are lead trio of The Infernal Devices. Well, I really can’t just pick a pair from these three since this one is the perfect love triangle anyone can ask for. No one is jealous and everyone is happy for one another. I can’t help but get teary-eyed whenever I remember these three. Their love for one another felt so real and what Cassie weaved in words are forever etched in my heart. Needless to say, The Infernal Devices is my favourite trilogy with Clockwork Princess taking the spot as my favourite book ever. Sometimes, I see myself with Jem Carstairs.

And to cap it off is…….

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#Malec, the ultimate OTP. ❤

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of course, it’s MALEC!

You wouldn’t go wrong with it! They are my favourite pair in the series and Magnus brought tons of glitters in the dark world of the Shadowhunters. He had broken the solid crust that Alec had created for himself and showed us what is unconditional love is. Malec makes me fall in love. I think, I should cut it here, before I can’t stop myself from dwelling into details about my love for this OTP. Truly, they are the ultimate OTP.



Again, this is Lawrence of PagesUnraveled, sending you all my love this Valentine’s day all the way from the Philippine Archipelago! ❤