If you would like me to review a book, I will warmly welcome you. Just send me an e-mail containing the following information that are stated below, together with its title, author and genre. I am currently accepting physical and e-book copies of the book, though I prefer physical copies. I assure you that my review will be fair and honest, together with clear details of my likes and dislikes. However, accepting review will not guarantee a positive opinion.

The further details I require are the following:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Genre
  • Format
  • Deadline (if there is)
  • Synopsis (if available)

With regards to the genre, I’m willing to try new genres as long I find the book interesting. Furthermore, I am currently not accepting self-publish novels.

E-mail: pagesunraveledwrites@gmail.com (primary)

or at

lawrencebunag@gmail.com (personal)

Instagram & Twitter: @pagesunraveled

Review Style:

My review will consist of my thoughts about the cover, my initial thoughts before reading and my overall opinion about the book. There will also be some discussions about the plot, the world, the characters and their developments, writing style and favourite lines and scenes. Moreover, I will also provide basic book details such as pricing, the format I have received, initial release date, series number if available, and the number of pages. However, the following stated above may change to see what suits the book best. If you would like me to feature your social links then simply let me know and I will be more glad to do so. I use a five-star rating system.


–Lawrence of Pages Unraveled